photography in a different evolution - painting in personal style

 what should always remain: the origin

Nicolas von Jahn-Burian

- more than photography - images that tell stories -

buy directly from our sales brand

"atelier•jb living art" is a small manufactory that utilises nicolas' paintings and art photography in products. it is the sales brand of for example, we apply motifs from the "zeepaardje" series to cups, apply gold colour to the cup handle and fire them in an oven. we also produce art prints of photographs and painted pictures in limited editions. maybe we're lucky and you'll find something you like here in the shop. 

that would be nice.

TheArtof.STUDIO & the Benelux-Gallery are (public)Ventures of TheArtof.MEDIA / Nicolas von Jahn-Burian."atelier•jb living art" is the sales brand.

our small manufactory in the Netherlands, which uses Nicolas' paintings and art photography in products

Benelux Gallery
On this page you will be informed about dates and current topics concerning the Benelux Gallery by TheArtof.MEDIA 

Lost Angel by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian 

lost angel is a composition of oil on canvas.

the original has a value of € 1.300,- but is not for sale.

you can purchase the painting as an art print at:

"atelier•jb living art"
atelier•jb is our small manufactory that uses Nicolas' paintings and art photography in products

We are the foundation support for all of Nicolas' ventures.
The Team of TheArtof.MEDIA.